An original book that deeply explored a girl’s unusual experience of having two mothers. The reader has the opportunity to identify with the relational struggles sometimes felt, by the daughter, biological mother, adopted mother and also the father. We come to experience and understand the author through her described relationships with all the characters in the book, notwithstanding her therapist, partner and child. A gripping and interesting read.

Vanessa Pilkington 

A brilliantly sensitively written multilayered story which is both engaging and thought provoking. I did not want the story to end. Well recommended..


This is a very engaging and captivating novel whose story is cleverly built through non-linear narrative. Characters are presented with immediacy and depth at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed it!.


This is an engaging and surprising novel, cleverly tracing the development of a woman’s character from her childhood onwards. Set in Greece and London, the characters are extremely well drawn, and very believable.
The story stayed with me a long time after reading.
Highly recommended.

Sarah King  

A deeply moving account of the lives of a daughter, two mothers and a father. The author has a tremendous skill to analyse deeply the internal world of her characters and bring to light, their sufferings, thoughts, feelings, wishes and motivations. A highly recommended page turner.

Chryssa A  

The real, honest, and touching handling of characters challenged me. Having strong feelings of dislike and admiration for fictional characters is rare; a proof of mastery in writing. Highly recommended if you are looking for a read that resonates with you for days after reading.

Constantinos Tsikkos